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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is short and clear:

Any information that you provide to us goes no further.

Not only are we fellow Internet users with a strong desire to have our information managed securely by those we deal with, we are also business consultants in the possession of a great deal of confidential knowledge about our clients. Business ethics demand that we use that information only where it benefits our clients and with their permission, and never disclose it outside of their defined boundaries.

We view every business relationship from the same serious standpoint. Your account information and the content you proofread with our system are your property, not ours, and will go no further.

However, please assist us with your security by using strong passwords, keeping your computers and devices virus free, and generally exercising good Internet practices. We are not responsible for unauthorized use of your account or access to your documents by third parties who have figured out your password or stolen it with such malicious software as key-loggers.