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  • patent pending proofreading method
  • overworked word check
  • adverb warning
  • homophone warning
  • redundant phrase warning
  • cliche warning
  • version progression (allows you to double check only previously revised content)
  • context display
  • force next edit from context display
  • mark simple sentences as complete from context display

ProofAide® Beta Test

ProofAide® Beta Status (click here)

The ProofAide® beta test is in its early stages. Beta test participants will receive a complimentary period of ProofAide® membership once the product goes live. An exact determination of the complimentary period has not yet been established.

We are currently using Crowd-Sourcing to move from the Beta stage into a working enviroment that can support large numbers of users.
See the GoFundMe Campaign Here

Anyone who contributes $100 or more to the campaign will get an unlimited license to use the ProofAide® app for as long as you want to.

Every contributer, no matter the amount, will receive a generous usage period on the site.

If you have contributed, please set up an account here and email us with the information from your GoFundMe donation so that we can promptly authorize your ProofAide® account.

ProofAide® is a revolutionary new proofreading tool to help authors, copywriters, web designers, contract attorneys, editors, and anyone else who writes and must present material of professional quality.

Why is Proofreading so hard?

It's hard

If you've ever had to proofread even a business letter, you know that it is extremely easy to miss everything from typos to serious mistakes. People complain of proofreading the same material time after time, and still finding more mistakes each time through.

The primary reason why this happens is that people are taking on a tough job all at once. If you had to move a stack of boxes from one side of a room to the other, you'd more than likely pick up one box at a time and carry it across, separating the task into manageable steps.

When you take on proofreading, you generally start at the top of a letter, or article, or even an entire book(!) and read through it, marking off the mistakes you find as you go. You are presented with the entirety of the content, and you take on as much as you can stand in each session. The very action of facing a page of content insures that you will miss mistakes by volume, often because you either get bored or interested in the material. Either condition will cause you to read past mistakes.

How about proofreading software that aims to catch mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling? The software available is certainly helpful, but it isn't reliable. A recent comparison study of 20 different grammar/spelling checkers found that even the best of breed software rarely cracked a 50% success rate.

We haven't yet replaced human eyes as the most reliable proofreading tool. But we can give your eyes some help ...

How does ProofAide® solve your problems?

ProofAide® breaks your document down into separate sentences. It then presents you with one sentence at at time ... an easily managed task. All you have to do is proofread that one sentence. In this manner, you don't automatically move from sentence to sentence concentrating on the document's meaning. You read one sentence and concentrate on the structure and the words in that one sentence. We've found through several years of our own use and testing that this eliminates most proofreading oversights.

Lots of workProofAide® keeps track of what you've already proofread and what still needs your attention. You can proofread in as many sessions as you wish. Anytime you see a mistake, you fix it and save the sentence. Next sentence!

When you have proofed every sentence, ProofAide® announces that you are done. Then simply download your document... ready for further formatting and publication.

The concept is very simple, yet very effective. After you've tried it once you'll never want to trust your proofreading to "the old way" again. In fact, we have yet to describe the ProofAide® process to anyone without getting back the response, "What a great idea!"