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ProofAide® End User License Agreement


This agreement was last updated 5-19-2014.

This is a legally binding agreement between Broadway Technologies, Inc., including any subsidiaries, licensees, licensors, or other partnerships, herein referred to as Company, involved in the production or administration of the ProofAide® software, and you, a user of the software, hereinafter referred to as User.

By clicking the check-box next to the line reading "I have read the ProofAide® User Agreement and agree to its Terms and Conditions." on the Create Account form and then submitting that form, you certify that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.


Company conveys to User the right to use the ProofAide® software per the usage level requested by User when Creating an Account, or later changing the account use capacity. The License extends to one person or one business entity, per the current account use capacity selection. Should Company find that an account is being used in excess of the requested and paid for capacity, the User agrees to be responsible for any extra charges that should have been incurred for any period in which the User's account may have exceeded the Terms of this License. Misuse of the account may be determined as cause for immediate termination of the account at the sole discretion of Company.

User certifies that any content for which they engage the use of the ProofAide® software is content that User is legally entitled to hold, modify, or publish. Further, User agrees to indemnify Company from any claims resulting from User engaging the ProofAide® software to upload, modify, or download any content to which any third party may make a claim of ownership.

Fees and Payment

User authorizes Company to place a charge against User's selected credit card according to the period of payment selected by User: Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually. Payment will be charged at the beginning of each new payment period as the previous period of use expires. Requests for refunds of fees may be considered at the sole discretion of Company, and are not guaranteed to be granted.


Company reserves the right to terminate an account, without notice, if User is found to be in violation of this agreement. Termination may occur regardless of the status of any work in progress and without liability for any work lost or wasted as a result of account termination.

Service Availability

Company makes no warranty and assumes no liability in the case the ProofAide® software is unavailable or fails to operate optimally at any time for any period of time. Further, Company makes no warranty and assumes no liability for any issue of operation encountered as a result of attempt to use the software with any particular web browser.

Account Security

User agrees to assume complete responsibility for the security of the User's account, including the security of their browser(s), email, password selection, and User ID selection. Company agrees to provide servers located on a secure network, and to provide operation of the ProofAide® software through an SSL (Secure Certificate) to assist User in account and content security. Further, Company will store all user originated content in server storage that is not directly accessible through normal Internet access methods, but only through interaction by User through their account. User agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Company from any claims arising from account theft or content theft.

Limit of Liability

In no case shall Company, officers, stockholders, employees or agents be liable or responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, damage or expense of any kind, from any cause. Company may at it's discretion decide to refund service fees should the operation of the ProofAide® software cause inconvenience or loss to User. In such a case User agrees that any refund amount is limited to the current period's usage fees, and only for such periods that software operation impacted User's successful use of the software.

Under no circumstance will Company be liable for any use of the ProofAide® software that does not conform to the software's specific defined usage.


Company reserves the right to modify this User Agreement as Company's sole discretion, with or without notice. The current User Agreement will always be available on this web site, and will be dated to reflect the last date of any changes or additions to the User Agreement.

Company makes no specific warranties or guarantees as to the eventual inclusion or schedule of inclusion of any software features discussed as prospective "future features", and any discussed "future features" will be implemented in the software at the sole discretion of Company.

This agreement is governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina, and no legal action outside of the jurisdiction of the State of North Carolina is valid or binding on Company.

If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid, User and Company agree that all other provisions of the agreement shall retain full force and effect.